Kristi + Tristan’s Boardwalk Adventure

I don’t know how else to say this except that after this shoot was over I wanted to ask Kristi, Tristan, and all of their wedding party if they wouldn’t mind being my best friend… or at least let me hang out with them when they come back down to Ocean City.

It feels like forever ago when Kristi and I were emailing back and forth about the wedding day. When deciding which package she and Tristan wanted to go with, she asked if they could swap out their engagement session for a fun boardwalk shoot with their wedding party. The plan was to meet up after their rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding, and capture them having a good time with their friends. Without hesitation I said yes. This was something I had never done before and it sounded like it could be a blast. Little did I know that this group of people would leave me practically peeing my pants from laughter and wishing we had even just a minute more of daylight to keep shooting. I have never bumped my ISO to the max until this evening and  by the end of the night I was shooting in complete darkness. Thankfully, I had the entire next day to do it all over again on their wedding day!

Kristi and Tristan, plain and simple, thanks for being awesome. Wedding photos to follow : )

A side note for those interested in photography: I have been feeling this way a lot lately when looking back at some of my work so I wanted to just put this out there. And this is only an opinion regarding my style of shooting, certainly not a right or wrong way of shooting but as I was going through these photos (especially the last shots I was taking in almost complete darkness) I realized something about myself as a photographer. For the longest time I have beaten myself up over the fact that I don’t use my flash often enough but the truth of the matter is that I just LOVE shooting with the natural light I'm given. For me, there is nothing like it. Even though Kristi and Tristan’s faces are dark, just that little bit of ambient light reflecting on their skin was perfect for me. What I am seeing in these images is how it really was and how it felt in that moment. Sometimes I think its best not to try and fix a dark situation like this with flash. Flash really tells the viewer that you(the photographer) were there in that moment. I think that without flash, the moment and image suddenly becomes more intimate, personal, and even romantic. Sometimes relying on ambient light doesn’t work but sometimes it is super rewarding!

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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