Kristi + Tristan are Married!


Well for those of you who read my last blog post, you already know that I want this couple to be best friends with me… These two are SO much fun and if their pre wedding day boardwalk adventure didn’t convince you then maybe their wedding photos will..

I met Kristi at their beach condo before heading over to the Golden Sands. Kristi was super relaxed and was just looking forward to finally being married and celebrating with all their friends and family who had traveled down for the big day. I loved watching Kristi with her family. It is always so special to me when I see a family that has such a close bond. I could tell that Kristi’s relationship with her mom, dad, sister, and brother were all very strong and so important to her. I especially loved that Kristi’s dad is the seamstress in the family and he sowed something blue into her dress that morning of the wedding.

Kristi and Tristan are both from Pennsylvania, so when they decided they wanted a destination wedding that all their friends and family could come to, Ocean City seemed like the perfect place. I loved all the small beachy details that Kristi included in their day. The flip flops, the sunglasses, and the vibrant color scheme was a perfect reflection of Kristi and Tristan’s laid back lifestyle. These two were adamant about not making this day so serious. In fact, the ceremony included taking a quick selfie with their good friend, who also played the role as their officiant, before getting to the vows. And although I was focused on capturing the moment, I do recall the officiant relating love to dinosaurs and in the end proclaimed “For the first time in all of the universe, I now pronounce you husband and wife!”. So this wedding ceremony was obviously AMAZING  . .  to say the least.

If I have learned anything about this couple and their friends, its that they all really love to do the Bernie dance move… It came out multiple times on the boardwalk, the night before the wedding, and made an appearance more then a few times on the big day. When the reception was in full swing I couldn’t help but have the incredible urge to join in on their competitive game of limbo (played with a groomsman’s crutch). I could literally write a book about this wedding day…the dancing went all night and soon enough all the props from their photo booth ended up on the dance floor as well. Instead of smashing each other with cake, this bride and groom decided to just smash it in the faces of their best man and maid of honor. Thankfully because this group is so much fun, they took it like champs. Even with a day filled with so much silliness, it was easy to see why these two are meant for each other. Along with all the laughter, an overwhelming amount of love filled the day.

Kristi and Tristan, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an important day in your lives. I have no doubt that you two will have an amazing journey together. I wish you all the best!


Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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