Christy + Bryan are Married!

This wedding will always stay close to my heart. Last fall, I met Christy and Bryan for the first time at Showell Elementary School. This is where they first met as children and where we spent the afternoon taking their engagement photos. I just remember leaving there with the biggest smile on my face, like I had just made two new amazing friends. Christy and Bryan were so easy going and so much fun to be around. I truly felt like I had known them forever. The same thing happened about one month ago when they came to my house to talk about all the wedding plans. It was like having friends over that you hadn’t seen in a long time and most of the consult was spent catching up on each others lives. After hearing about all they had planned for the big day, I couldn’t contain my excitement for everything that was to come.

I knew this day was going to be one filled with an incredible amount of joy and tears. Although Christy’s mother Laurie was not there to share in these precious moments, I can certainly tell you her presence was with Christy the entire day, looking down to see what a beautiful bride she was. Christy kept her mother close to her heart by wearing a necklace made with the diamond her father used for Laurie’s wedding ring. She also used her beaded clutch and had photos from her mothers wedding day to keep near her while she got ready that morning. After shooting Christy and Bryan’s engagement session last year, I was lucky enough to receive the sweetest email from Laurie telling me how much she loved the photos. I don’t often receive emails like this from my couples family members and it was one of the nicest notes I had ever been given. I remember calling my husband Drew into my office to read it because it truly made my day so much brighter. After getting to know Christy over the past year I have grown to admire something so special about her. I often don’t show my emotions very well and I love that Christy isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Especially on your wedding day, when so many emotions and feelings are bound to surface. So thank you Christy, for teaching me that its ok to cry and then laugh a few minutes later : )

I will apologize now for how many photos I posted of her dress. But seriously! Look at this dress… its perfect. In fact every detail of this day was perfect. From the mint Vans sneakers Christy wore at the reception to the cannoli cake and wedding cake that was made by her nephew Kenny. Even with a bit of rain keeping us under the tent for the ceremony, I can’t imagine a more absolutely beautiful ceremony. I loved watching Bryan’s face as Christy made her way down the brick pathway and under the tent. All couples are happy and in love on their wedding day but Bryan and Christy have a connection that I have never seen before. There is a passion that I can see in their eyes when they look at each other that just screams, I am madly in love with you!

The rain finally stopped after the ceremony and allowed the perfect opportunity to take some photos around the vineyard. Even on a cloudy day this place couldn’t be more beautiful. Especially when I have a stunning couple like these two! Once the reception was in full swing, it wasn’t stopping for anyone. Christy and Bryan’s friends and family partied their hearts out, never leaving the dance floor once. I think DJ Wax played 4 “last songs” because everyone wasn’t ready for the night to be over. It was the second to last song and everyone was crowded around Christy and Bryan singing and dancing. I was perched up on a chair to get a birds eye view of the dance floor when through the lens of my camera I saw Christy shout to Bryan “This is the best day of my life!”  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to witness that moment. How blessed am I to be with people on some of the best days of their lives and be a part of that? It was a moment I will always remember and a moment that will always remind me how lucky I am to be a photographer.

Christy and Bryan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me document such an incredible day but more importantly to capture the incredible love you have for each other. I wish you all the best and feel lucky to call you friends.


Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray Photography, Berlin, MD, United States

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