Daneille + Leroy are Engaged


I met Daneille and Leroy in downtown Lewes, DE last week and fell in love with them and this adorable little town. I love when couples choose a location that is new to me. I had been to Lewes briefly once before, so getting to spend more time on such a beautiful evening and appreciate its quaintness was so wonderful. Again, just like with so many other places, I don't know why my husband and I don't spend more time here! We first went to the Zwaanendael Park for the first part of our shoot. This park is small but filled with so much loveliness. I adored the little old buildings and all the amazing plants and flowers that surrounded us. We went to the bridge that overlooked the canal in Lewes and then headed down to the docks before the sun completely set. If light wasn't a key ingredient to my photography I would have had these two out until midnight! Lewes has so many great backdrops, especially the big red ship where we ended our shoot.

Daneille and Leroy, thank you so much for spending such a great evening with me! I am so excited for next year and I promise that I will be visiting Lewes much more often before the big day!


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