Melissa + Jordan are Married!


When I met Melissa and Jordan for the first time I knew right away that their wedding day was going to be a marvelous one. They were so laid back and after hearing about their story and what they had planned for the big day, I couldn't wait. Melissa and Jordan are both nurses and met while attending nursing school. Jordan is also a volunteer fire fighter and EMT for Ocean City. When they told me their wedding was going to be at Sunset Park in Ocean City I was so excited because I had never shot a wedding there before and I knew how unique and  beautiful it was going to be.

What I didn't know was how fun their wedding party was going to be, which just made this day even more awesome. Jordan and his identical twin brother Connor had me cracking up the entire day. This is the second wedding I have shot where the groom had an identical twin brother and was the best man… what are the chances?! Luckily I learned my lesson the first time around and didn't mistake the best man for the groom. Jordan and Connor have a brotherly love that is priceless and I had so much fun documenting their goofy nature. Melissa and her girls looked absolutely stunning and I had so much fun with them before the ceremony. Not to mention that Staci, Melissa's MOH, had one of the best speeches I have ever heard.

One of Jordan's favorite things about Melissa is her smile and after photographing this lovely bride, I can see why. Melissa has one of the most bright and beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I think she also has the most beautiful green eyes Ive ever seen too…. I guess what I am trying to say is that Melissa is gorgeous!

Jordana and Melissa, I had such a perfect afternoon with you and your families. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.


I wish you all the best and many amazing adventures to come!

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