Barn 34


When Mary Ann Lawson contacted me about shooting the Grand Opening of Barn 34 in Ocean City, I knew that I had to be the one to document the beginning of such an exciting adventure.

When I heard that the Pirates Den was going to be closed and knocked down a few years back, I was really sad but mostly concerned... Where was I ever going to get a breakfast as delicious as theirs?!  Besides their food being amazing, I had a very special place in my heart for the Pirates Den. My very first summer job was working at the Pirates Galley and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to show me the ropes. If anyone was sad about the Den closing, it was my dad. He had been playing pool at the Pirates Den for longer than he can remember and I always loved listening to the stories he would come home with. I was also lucky to know Mike Jr. through high school and even ran into him while on my trip to Bali a couple years back. While we were there, Mike was telling me all about the ideas and plans he had for their new restaurant they were hoping to open. Well as soon as we got back from Bali, I heard about what was soon to be called Barn 34.

For about the next two years, Mike, his parents, and a team of incredibly talented carpenters and workers turned this one of a kind building into arguably the coolest, most unique restaurant and bar in Ocean City. Reconstructed with almost all of its original barn wood, the use of antique light fixtures mixed with new modern ideas, and giving homage to the great history of Ocean City on it's walls, are just a few examples of why this place is so great. And Im not just saying that because I love these people, I am saying this because it is truly the most incredible atmosphere and it is exactly what Ocean City was missing.

I am so excited for the Lawson family and for the success I know they are going to achieve with Barn 34. Now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make sure you stop in if you haven't already! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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