Marquita + Chris are Engaged!


This past fall, while shooting Cami and Cori's beautiful wedding, I was lucky enough to meet two really awesome people. Chris and Marquita were the DJ and MC duo for Cami and Cori's wedding reception. As a photographer, I always like to talk with the DJ to go over the timeline of events for the night and we usually communicate with each other to make sure everything runs smoothly. Well the whole night went great and Chris and Marquita definitely helped make everything run smoothly. I also couldn't help but wonder the entire night if these two were a couple. They just looked so cute together and sure enough when Marquita asked about my photography for their upcoming wedding, it all made sense!

I was so excited when Marquita contacted me a few months later about being their wedding photographer. When I met them for the second time, I literally left the meeting, smiling ear to ear. They were incredibly down to earth and I had felt like we had all been long lost friends. Marquita and Chris had me laughing the entire time and I could have sat and talked with them for hours. We talked about how they met and actually went on a date 14 years ago! How Chris proposed in the Bahamas, and how they love to travel and watch the food network together. Which obviously brought on our mutual love/hate relationship for The Walking Dead . . . The interesting facts they gave about themselves was also SO perfect and made me love them even more. While Chris calls himself a "sneak head" and has a slight obsession for shoes, Marquita has a true love for Beyonce and pretends to be the Queen B at least once a week. Her friends are aware of this love and even got her a shirt that says "Feyonce" instead of Beyonce. How awesome is that?! See photos below : )

The best word to describe this couple is FUN. So when it came to their engagement shoot, thats what it was. Spending the afternoon with these two was truly a blast and I am so excited for the big day next year!!


Chris and Marquita, thank you so very much for allowing me to be a small part of your love story. You guys are so sweet and so head over heals for each other. Good luck with all the planning this upcoming year!

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