Genevieve + Mike are Married!


There is so much to say about this day and this adorable couple. When I first met with Genevieve and Mike a few months back I felt instantly connected with them. They were both kind, warm hearted and so obviously in love with each other. Mike and Genevieve currently live in Virginia but both grew up in different places. I love when two people, from two different worlds, find each other and fall in love. It really feels like God set out to bring these two together.

When these two explained to me how small and intimate this wedding would be I could not even contain my excitement. With only immediate family attending the joining of Genevieve and Mike, I have never witnessed a more special  and more romantic evening. The ceremony took place at Mikes family beach home on the water. The day was perfectly warm and a slight breeze was present the whole afternoon. I especially loved the small and simple details in this day. The bird cages on their invitations were also there in real life, hanging from a tree near the water. Lanterns were scattered though out the yard and keeping the colors light and neutral made for the most stunning table  arrangements and decorations. Oh, and the best part, Genevieve's dad was their officiant for the wedding ceremony. He did such a great job. Making everyone (including me), laugh and cry through out the entire thing. At one point I was too busy listening and enjoying what he was saying, that I forgot I was there to be a photographer! Don't worry, only for a second though : )

 The love these two families have for each other and for the bride and groom was over pouring. Again, just like so many other weddings, I almost started crying myself. Watching the anticipation on Mike's face before he saw Genevieve walk down the isle was priceless. And when Genevieve danced with her father to Brown Eyed Girl. . . I had to really contain myself. It is always such an amazing gift when a father and daughter share such a close bond. By the end of the night I felt like I needed to hug each and every one of them because they were all so wonderful.

Genevieve and Mike, I feel so honored to have been included in such a perfect evening. Thank you so very much.


Genevieve and Mike, I have no doubt that the best is yet to come for you both! Hope you are having a blast in Costa Rica!

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