The Smith Family


What a lovely family this is! They were kind enough to invite me into their beautiful home and I had such a great afternoon with Julie, Jason, baby Cooper, and even their sweet beagle Tucker. After editing these photos, I decided Cooper could not get any cuter. Its just not possible! At 3 months old he was busy trying to eat his fingers, grab his toes, and make funny faces at mom and dad. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Tucker joined the photo shoot at any chance possible and its clear that he is an important part of this family too! Although it was a chilly day, Cooper was such a sport and we took a stroll down Julie and Jason's lane. Despite being the middle of winter, it was still such a beautiful afternoon and I feel blessed to have been able to capture the unconditional love Julie and Jason have for their sweet baby boy.


Thank you Julie, Jason, Cooper, and Tucker for a wonderful day. I have no doubt Cooper is going to grow up with an overwhelming amount of love in his life!

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