Hayley + Carey are Engaged!


Whelp, this afternoon made the "Could have been the absolute coldest photo shoot I've ever done" list. But thankfully I was able to shoot with one very awesome couple that were more than ready to brave the weather and venture over to Assateague for their engagement photos. Thank goodness we did because we had some amazing light! And despite the wind and bitter temperatures, it was such a beautiful afternoon on the bay.

Hayley and Carey love spending time on Assateague and love bringing their pup Cole with them any chance they get. Unfortunately for Cole he had to stay in the car for most of this adventure but as soon as he joined us, he couldn't contain his excitement. He was literally smiling from ear to ear and didn't know which direction he wanted to go in first. Instead of wearing his cute wooden sign for photos, he decided he would rather eat it! Although Hayley and Carey felt like photos with Cole was becoming a lost cause, I think I managed to snap a few good ones!

Hayley and Carey, you both are so sweet and I am so excited to document your big day this coming year. I drove home that afternoon feeling so blessed because it is meeting people like you that make my job so awesome!


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