Kerri + Ryan are Married!


I don't know how to explain it but sometimes you meet someone and even after just a short time, instantly know they are 100% awesome and just incredibly genuine to the core. This was true with Kerri and Ryan.

I could not have closed the books on 2013 any better way than with Kerri and Ryan on their amazing wedding day. I could go on for days talking about all the detail and thought that went into their day. I think everything at their wedding had some special meaning or great story behind it, making this day so important to them and their families. This first year of wedding photography has also made me realize that I am a pretty emotional person. Thankfully I have my camera to hide behind because I almost cried on multiple occasions! With all the Pinterest craze and stress that goes into a wedding,  I think we sometimes forget what a wedding is really all about. So many sweet words were exchanged between loved ones and the best part was that Kerri & Ryan's day was truly focused on love.

Kerri and Ryan were married in Ryan's parents home where they held an intimate ceremony. Kerri arrived by a horse and carriage which was a complete surprise to Ryan and almost everyone in their family. After spending the entire day with Kerri I felt like I was no longer the photographer but a guest at their wedding. I enjoyed every bit of the day.  I loved their converse shoes, their adorable pup Nila, the hot chocolate bar that gave a whole new meaning to the delicious drink, and most importantly meeting such wonderful people.

Thank you so much Ryan and Kerri for allowing me to document such a lovely day in your lives. It was truly a great pleasure!


Kerri and Ryan, I look forward to the next time we meet and maybe Nila and Griffin can hang out too : )

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