Kristen + Jamie : One Year Anniversary


There are so many awesome things about this couple and their totally awesome pup, Dude. That's right, his name is Dude.

But first I think its time I admit to the world that only a few years ago I did not like dogs. And by "did not like", I mean I REALLY did not like dogs. I didn't grow up with a dog and after being attacked a few times as a kid I just decided dogs were never going to be for me. I stayed away from them at all costs, swore I would never have my own, and couldn't figure out why people loved their dogs so much. Well, I cant explain why or how but a few years ago the scrooge inside of me started to have a change of heart. I started looking at dogs differently, smiling at them, even wanting to possibly pet them... Well, this was a big deal for me and to this day have no idea why I had a change in heart. Just this past year Drew and I even got our own puppy and I cant imagine my life without him! So anyway, now that the secret is out, I can move on...

So back to Dude. What a cool dog! I had so much fun shooting with him. His facial expressions and uncontrollable floppy tongue was cracking me up the entire time. I can see why Kristen and Jamie love him so much and wanted to bring him along for the photo shoot. Despite feeling left out when he couldn't be in all the photos, I think Dude had a fun time too.

I was so excited when Jamie contacted me about doing a one year anniversary shoot with his wife. After meeting Kristen at a football game, the anticipation grew when I saw how truly sweet and excited she was for the shoot. This past year Jamie and Kristen have been training for a marathon. Not a 5k or a half marathon but a full marathon. They just completed the race a few weeks ago and after hearing all about it, I am ready to truly start running again and maybe even attempt a 5k this spring.

It was so easy to see that these two are more in love than ever and are just crazy about each other. I hope you guys had a a wonderful first anniversary and I am sure there will be many more wonderful ones to come!


Jamie and Kristen, thanks for spending a lovely afternoon with me! Hopefully we can do it again soon!

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