Meet Daphne + Her Lovely Family!


This was just a wonderful afternoon. After a few morning showers the weather cleared and I had such a fun shoot with Daphne and her family. Daphne contacted me a few months ago and said she really wanted some family portraits with her mom and daughter Chelsea. With her families roots to all the nearby areas and wanting a nice fall backdrop, I knew the perfect place would be Furnace Town. Have a mentioned enough how much I LOVE Furnace Town? I was excited when Daphne said her boyfriend Mike and her daughters boyfriend Tyler would be joining us on the shoot. Oh yea, and their adorable pup Chloe!

It is such an awesome thing to see a family that is so close with one another. A strong  bond between a daughter and her mother is such an important and cherished gift to have. With all three generations together for this photo shoot, it was inspiring and I enjoyed watching them make each other laugh the entire time.


Daphne, thank you so much for introducing me to your wonderful family! I hope we can meet up again soon!

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