Jaime + Tommy are Engaged!


There is so much I could say about this wonderful couple. They are truly some of the most genuine and kind people my husband and I are lucky enough to call friends.

My husband Drew grew up being great friends with Tommy and his brother Chris and Jaime and I both cheered together through high school. Although we only saw each other a few times through college, I am so happy that we have been able to reconnect this past year and I can call her a great friend of mine. Jaime and Tommy would help anyone at the drop of a hat. They both have been helping with our home renovations since we started and most recently Jaime helped me pick a thousand paint specs off my kitchen floor. (thank you SO much)

So whenever Drew and I have mutual friends that fall in love and decide to get married, we do a little happy dance. Because this means more married friends besides ourselves and more awesome memories for so many years to come.

Lastly I must point out that for some reason this blog post has a lot of kissing shots. I tried to bring the steaminess level down as much as I could but I just loved them all! So enjoy : )


Jaime and Tommy. thank you guys so very much for such an awesome afternoon and mostly for just being awesome : )

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