Shelley + Keith are Married!


I LOVE Shelley and Keith. They are the perfect definition of laid back and simple which are two of my favorite words. When I first met Shelley at the Berlin Coffee House, I was also greeted by much of her family and even mistook her brother for her future husband! Whoops! Luckily that was cleared up fast.

After our first meeting I was so excited for Shelley and Keith's wedding. It was going to be the perfect time of year and fall will be just arriving. When I finally got to meet Keith the week before the wedding, I was even more excited for their big day. I loved watching Keith talk about Shelley. He was lighting up and grinning from ear to ear. Shelley and Keith are always on their feet. Wether it be working, playing tennis, running, or just taking walks, these two are always being active. It was inspiring and when I got home that night I told my husband we needed to be more like these two!

When the wedding day arrived, Although the temperature made it feel like July, the trees in front of the Atlantic Hotel had turned just the perfect color. Shelley looked beautiful and Keith was still grinning ear to ear. For Keith and Shelley, this day was not about fancy decorations and big plans, this day was about their love for each other and the immense love they have for their families. It was laid back, simple, and just perfect.


Thank you Shelley and Keith, it was truly a pleasure to document this beautiful day for you. I wish you all the best!

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