Emily + Jeff are Married!


I think all brides are on the same page with the idea of rain on their wedding day. You would prefer mother nature to be on your good side and let the sun shine. BUT I must say, sometimes rain is not the worst thing in the world! I think sometimes rain can be our friend and even help make a wedding day even more special. I remember when my cousin Meagan got married and it poured the entire time. To this day, that is one of my most memorable and favorite weddings! I think Emily and Jeff's friends and family would agree with me on this. Despite the rain on this day, it could not have been more perfect, Emily could not have been more stunning, and the celebration could not have been any more wild and fun. Seriously, I have never had such a hard time getting photos on the dance floor because almost all 200 guests were dancing!

This was the first wedding that I had my husband Drew come and shoot with me. (because he is secretly an awesome photographer too!) It was such an awesome day and I was so blessed to have him there with me. The hardest part of the day was trying to get Drew to not drink the beer that was brewed special for Emily and Jeff at the reception. I will admit it looked so good and was grapefruit and apricot flavored...YUM. But other than that, he did a great job as my second shooter! Duo in the making?

Some of the coolest parts of this day: Live music at the hair salon. The boys super bright yellow socks. Emily's Nana, for welcoming Drew and I so warmly into her home. YouTube tutorials on how to tie a bow tie. The amazing little church where the ceremony was held. The epic bouquet kick performed by some of the wedding party. The specialty Bride & Groom beer. And the all around awesomeness of Emily and Jeff. Thanks for making my job so much fun and for reminding me how wonderful people can be.


Thanks for such a beautiful day! I hope we can meet up again soon!

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