Emily + Tim are Married!


Emily and Tim contacted me last year about shooting their wedding and as soon as I walked into their house I knew that we were a good match. I was instantly drawn to all the photos they had hanging on their walls and their style was very similar to my own. I knew that I would be able to capture their wedding day the way they imagined because we shared the same creative vision. Needless to say, I was stoked for September 7th to roll around and just like I thought, it was beyond amazing.

Lets just state the obvious, these two are easy on the eyes. They made my job look easy and so I thank you for that. But Emily and Tim are also such beautiful people on the inside. They were so warm and welcoming each time I came to their home and their family and friends had nothing but wonderful things to say about this pair. Seriously, I almost cried on several different occasions! I am pretty sure Tim should take up poetry because his vows were the best I've ever heard! (besides my husbands of course) And Emily's dad's speech made me hold back a few tears too.

To put it simply, this day was magical. It was as close to perfect as any day could get.


Emily and Tim, thank you for allowing me to document such a beautiful day in your lives. I wish you all the best!

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