Betsy + Vinny are Engaged!


I don't think words can express how much I LOVE these two! Where do I start...

It was in the 6th grade that I met my best friend Athena. One of the first things Athena told me was that she had an uncle that was younger than her. Obviously I was confused, but this is something a 6th grader doesn't quite try to grasp. I just shrugged my shoulders and said "thats cool!". Soon enough I got to meet this Uncle Vinny and unfortunately for him he got to witness all my horrible middle school hairstyles and  watch my best friend and I act like annoying little pre-teens for years to come. Thankfully, 14 years later, I can still call him a great friend of mine.

Betsy and I met in high school and both cheered on the cheerleading team. (yes, I was a cheerleader...). Before Betsy and I were good friends, I remember when Vinny had a HUGE crush on Betsy. These two would always hang out and walk through the halls together, I think the "just friends" card was played a few times but we all know that didn't last long. Soon enough the stars aligned and the rest is history! Although Betsy and I were friends and teammates through out high school, we didn't become super close until college. It was a year or so before I got married that I knew Betsy and I would always be friends and I was so happy to have her be a bridesmaid at my wedding. And now, I am lucky to say I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding this coming June!

Anyone who has ever caught these two while no one was looking, knows that they are meant for each other. It is filled with tickle fights, kissy face, and just enough cuteness to make you miss your own : )


Bets and Vin, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your engagement and soon to be wedding! Your friendships mean the world to Drew and I.

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