Baby Seiler has Arrived!

I have only met this little man one time and I am already in love with him! I cannot imagine the overwhelming love and joy that his own parents are feeling! Baby Seiler could not have come into this world with a better set of parents and family. Jocelyn and Stefan are seriously SUPER parents. This is one lucky little dude!

Now I know I have blogged about Stefan and Jocelyn before but I think everyone should know how grateful I am for these two people. When I first met Jocelyn I instantly clicked with her and I knew we would turn into being great friends and stay friends for a lifetime. When Jocelyn met Stefan and she would tell me everything about him, I knew I loved him and didn't even know him yet. And then, when my husband met Stefan, it was a true bromance. So to say we love these too, is putting it lightly.

Whats amazing is that Jocelyn has been with me every step of the way through my photography career. She was my first portrait session, my first engagement session, my second wedding, my first maternity session, and now my first newborn session!! I would not be where I am in my career without Jocelyn and Stefan. I am truly blessed that they have allowed me to take new leaps in my career and learn so much through them. So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys rock. (all three of you)


The cuteness was on serious overload and I loved every second of this shoot with Seiler! Congrats on your precious baby boy, Drew and I love you guys so much!

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