Jessi + Nick are Married!


Jessi had contacted me this past winter about shooting her wedding and after we met for the first time, I knew right away that this wedding was going to be an amazing one. First of all, Jessi and Nick are two of the most laid back and genuine people I have ever had the chance to work with. This was evident when Jessi insisted I just wear my Rainbow sandals and whatever I wanted to the wedding, as long as I was comfortable. Not to mention, they couldnt have picked a better venue. The Lavender Fields in Milton, DE was out of this world. Just simply perfect.

One thing I love about going to weddings is that you learn so much about the couple, their family, and their friends in such a short amount of time. I loved watching Jessi with her family. Laughing in hysterics with her mom before the ceremony, the look on her dads face the first time he saw her in her dress, and the goofy photos I took of her and her brother. It's such an awesome and rare thing to have that kind of relationship with your family and a constant reminder of how we should never take it for granted. Jessi and Nick also have a four legged child, their sweet dog Rudy. Their pup was lucky enough to be a part of their day and many dogs don't get that privilege. I have no doubt that Jessi and Nick will be awesome parents to their so called "two legged children" one day too.

The wedding ceremony was gorgeous but the reception just seemed to top it all off. Lets just say, it was really hard for me to play the role of photographer, when all I wanted to do was put that horse head on and dance with the rest of them. Confused? Just check out the photos...


Jessi and Nick, thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day! It was such a wonderful day spent.

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