The Tustin Family


The Tustin's and I go way back. All the way back to big wheels, moon boots, gingerbread houses, and spending countless hours swimming circles in those awesome kiddie pools that all our parents had. Some of my most memorable childhood moments were spent with the Tustin's. Brian and Ginny were some of my best friends growing up and I truly believe it was part of Gods plan to have my parents and the Tustin's become neighbors. It is awesome enough that Brian and I are still friends after all these years but it is even more awesome that Brian and my husband Drew became such good friends over the years and was even a groomsman at his wedding.

When Brian and Christine planned to have a beach/bonfire day at Assateague, it was a great time to take some family portraits of the whole crew before the newlyweds were to head out west. It was a PERFECT day. I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it this time. It was the perfect mixture of warm sun and cool breeze. It was one of those evenings that God just revealed himself through nature. And I must say, the Tustin's clean up nicely! After an entire day on the beach, they all looked like a million bucks for picture time, especially Cole.

Now its important that you scroll through this whole blog post because I added some amazing impromptu acro yoga performed by the one and only Brian and Christine Tustin...guest starring Mark Huey. You will not be disappointed.


I have been beyond blessed by the whole Tustin family. Thank you for everything you guys do and for just being so dang awesome!

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