Emily + Scott are Engaged!


When Emily told me she and Scott wanted to do their engagement photos in the arcade I was SO excited. I love when a couple can just have fun with their engagement session and just let loose. After hanging out with Emily and Scott, I knew this was the perfect place to represent them and their relationship. I think it is safe to say most guys dont feel comfortable right away when you are taking their picture but Scott was so relaxed and just totally focused on Emily the whole time. You know that two people are in love when you literally dont have to direct them at all during a photo shoot. They were just there, in the moment, in love. After the arcade we went and took a ride on the ferris wheel and it was beautiful. I think they were getting a little nervous as I was leaning over the side of the cart to get a better angle but overall the evening was wonderful.


Thank you Emily and Scott for a wonderful evening. I am really looking forward to your wedding next year!

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