Katie + David are Married!


This was by far one of my favorite days of summer so far! I got to see two very wonderful friends from my first semester of college at Shepherd University and the best part is that they were marrying each other! I met such wonderful people that semester at Shepherd and I was extremely sad to have to say good bye after just a few months of getting to know them all. Katie was on the same floor in my dorm and David was a kicker with my husband Drew (also a kicker) on the football team. The time we all spent together at Shepherd will forever hold a place in my heart and when I heard that Katie and David were getting married I was BEYOND excited! And when I say they are perfect for each other, I mean they are PERFECT for each other...here are just a few reasons why.

Katie and David are both passionate about being active and healthy. They are both physical education and health teachers and coach basketball. Not only this, they are both certified Beach Body Coaches. I don't know about you but I cant get through 5 minutes of P90X or Insanity. If only I lived a little closer, I could get these two to help me! Katie and David are both extreme Orioles baseball fans and just as her dad said best "Their wedding colors are really just washed out Orioles colors...". While Katie does put up with all of Davids corny jokes, I can see that she is madly in love with this guy. The entire day was filled with so much love and I am positive they are going to have such a beautiful life together.


Thank you Katie and David! Drew and I love you guys lots and wish you both all the best!

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