India, Maribel, + Lucia


This photo shoot was such a BLAST! I had the privilege of hanging out with miss India back in April and I was so excited when we scheduled for another photo shoot for the beginning of summer. This time I was lucky enough to have India and her two beautiful cousins, Maribel and Lucia, along for the afternoon.

Along with a beautiful evening with 3 wonderful little ladies, its safe to say, I got my workout for the day. I think we covered every inch of that park thanks to India and her adventurous nature. The second her feet hit the ground, we were on the move. Luckily, Lucia and Maribel did a great job at sticking by their cousins side.

There was so much running, wiggling, and laughing that in one hour I think we had only  ten seconds of standing still. Thank goodness right? What a boring photo shoot it would have been if they didn't have such free spirits. It's times like this that I am reminded to not be so serious. Sometimes rolling around in the grass just feels right.


Thank you India, Lucia, and Maribel for such a fun evening. I hope we can all shoot again soon! (aren't those sandals too cute?!!  ^^^)

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