Emily + Jeff are Engaged!


These are the times when I say, I am blessed. I had a wonderful drive up to New Windsor, Maryland this past Sunday. The sun was shining, my windows were rolled down, and I think I listened to Darius Rucker's rendition of Wagon Wheel over 20 times. That song just seemed to fit the moment perfectly. When I arrived at Emily's home, I knew we were going to have a beautiful engagement shoot. There were rolling hills, pastures, and a beautiful row of trees in her backyard.

I have only met Emily and Jeff a few other times but it felt like we had known each other much longer. If I hadn't needed to drive home that night I would have stayed for what seemed to be a delicious dinner! Just as I suspected, Emily and Jeff didn't need any direction during the shoot. Jeff kept Emily smiling and laughing the whole time.

I think the biggest realization I am having as a photographer, is that there are so many beautiful people in this world. And I'm not talking about on the outside, even though Emily and Jeff are certainly a good looking pair! I am talking about genuinely beautiful souls. It's a great reminder that with all the crazy in this world, there is still so much good. And I would like to think it outweighs the crazy. . .


Thank you Emily and Jeff! I cant wait to come back in September for the big day!

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