Mazlyn's Senior Portraits


Due to bad weather predictions, this shoot with Mazlyn almost didn't get to happen but God pulled through and parted the clouds for us. And thank goodness for that because I am slightly obsessed with these photos! Mazlyn is such an awesome gal, we had crossed paths numerous times in the past but this was the first time I really got to hang out with Mazlyn one on one. First of all, the girl knows how to thrift. Her outfits are so cute and most of it came from thrift stores. Jeans and an oversized grandpa sweater has been my go-to outfit all winter. She loves to travel and every year she and her family spend a few months in Puerto Rico. Mazyln loves to surf and has played tons of sports through high school. Just like myself, Mazlyn found her passion for the arts. She plans to attend art school in the fall in hopes of studying the art of designing textiles. How cool is that!? So to say the least, I was really excited about this photo shoot. Mazlyn's free and easygoing spirit made my job fun and easy. There is no doubt that the future is bright for this beautiful and talented young lady!


Mazlyn, thanks for spending the afternoon with me! I hope we can hang out at the beach again soon. (preferably in warmer weather!)

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