Christina and Glenn are married!

It’s times like these I am so blessed to have photography as my career. Christina contacted me only a few weeks before her big day and asked if I was available to document her wedding ceremony. She stressed it was going to be a very small and casual ceremony on the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware. When I arrived at their vacation home, Christina had just finished getting dressed and was ready to head to the beach. I thought we would drive but instead the entire family walked to the beach together. Christina seemed so relaxed and not the least bit stressed. Even though I had only known her for a few minutes, I loved her and her family already. It was a beautiful afternoon and Glenn, Christina’s fiancé, was already waiting on the beach for his bride. Some how, I wasn’t surprised when Christina stopped mid way down the isle to unstrap and take off her uncomfortable sandals she was wearing. The ceremony was intimate and even with a small group of people, there was so much love and warmth from both families. Sometimes the most simple settings are the best. When you take away all the elaborate decorations and planning, and your left to focus on the most beautiful part of the day, and that’s the love.


Christina and Glenn, thank you so much for allowing me to document this beautiful afternoon for you! The joy you share with each other is radiant and was inspiring to witness!

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