The Tustin Family


Ken and Shannon had been wanting to do a family session with me for awhile and when we finally set a date to get together, I was so excited. Its a crazy feeling when the people you grew up with are starting to get married and have a family. It really makes you realize how quickly life can go by and how important it is to enjoy every second. I am lucky enough to have known Ken and his family since I was a baby! Both of our parents homes back up to one another. So growing up, my brother and I would always go over and play at the Tustin household. Whether it was to swim in their pool in the summer or to make our annual gingerbread houses at Christmas time, we were always back and forth between our homes.

When Ken and Shannon contacted me about doing family portraits, I couldn't wait. I had met baby Cole a time or two when he was very little but it had been a long time since I had seen him last. Lets just say, it didn't help me with my baby fever! Cole was filled with so much energy it was hard to get him to sit still for more than two seconds. But how can you blame a little boy who just learned how to walk and was placed into the middle of the woods? Cole was ready to explore, not get his picture taken. Luckily, the photographs were a great success and Cole's curiosity made the shoot even more fun. Plus, I don't think it is possible for this family to take a bad picture...


Ken and Shannon, thank you for allowing me document the love you share with each other and your adorable son.

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